Our Pastor


Rev. Ronald Keith Mouton, Sr. has been the proud Pastor of the East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, located at 5702 Calhoun Road, Houston, Texas for 30 years.  Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 2, 1963. He was born the 2nd twin to the late Pastor Roland E. Mouton, Sr. and Mary Mouton. He was raised in a devout Christian family environment, with strong moral values. It was these values that led him to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of his life.
He attended public school in Houston and received numerous awards in choir and track, graduating from Ross Shaw Sterling High School in 1981 with honors. He attended Baylor University in Waco, Texas on a Four Year Track Scholarship and later transferred to Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas, where he studied Criminal Justice and Business Law.

Ronald K.  Mouton, Sr. married Ms. Suzanne Poullard in 1983. They are the proud parents of four wonderful children, and 10 grandchildren.

Rev. Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. accepted his call into the ministry under the leadership of his late father in March 1988. Rev. Mouton was a weekly guest to minister and sing to those who were incarcerated in the P-Farm. While preaching and singing at the P-Farm, Pastor Mouton developed as a young minister on loving God, His Word and loving people. Rev. Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. accepted his call to Pastor East Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in August 1990. His first message to the Church was “You Didn’t Start It, So You Can’t Stop It”. Since his arrival at East Bethel, Pastor Mouton has preached and taught the Word of God in a powerful way. During his tenure, he has had well over 40 associate ministers under his leadership; ordained 30 deacons; baptized well over 300 saints; developed Evangelism Ministry; Community Outreach Ministry; weekly visits to the hospitals, counseling with bereaved families, building relations with the teens of EB, hosting Vacation Bible School & Easter Sunrise Services, feeding the homeless during Thanksgiving & Christmas, started the seven nights of midnight prayer, the 21 days of prayer, 40 consecutive days of teaching The Purpose Driven Life, etc. Pastor Mouton continues to give himself for the love of Jesus and His church.

Under the Leadership of Pastor Mouton, East Bethel has grown tremendously both spiritually and numerically.  Pastor Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. has had a vision from day one since his arrival at East Bethel. Under his leadership, EB paved the parking lot, built the Educational Building, posted a Message Board, built a suitable baptistery pool, developed hallways & foyer outside the sanctuary, remodeled the offices & restrooms, changed the look of the pulpit & choir stand, added the screens for visual ministry, etc. Pastor Mouton’s vision, with God’s help, in the future is to open a Charter School to meet the needs of our youth and a Senior Living Facility to continue to meet the needs of the community in the City of Houston.

Pastor Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. also has been blessed with a business mind along with a spiritual mind. In 1996, Pastor Mouton became the CEO of his own investment firm, Kairos Financial LLC. Later he formed his second multi-million dollar company called Money Management International, Inc.

Pastor Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. has traveled all over the world learning and growing from all nationalities about people, business, and life. It is from this growth, Pastor Mouton will continue to allow God to teach him life lessons in order that he may continue to be the pastor that God has called him to be.

Pastor Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. has been instrumental in the Spiritual and Numerical growth at East Bethel. Pastor Mouton believes that if East Bethel continues to follow the Holy Spirit, EB can and will become one of the mega Churches in the city of Houston meeting the needs of God’s people. Pastor Mouton received his Doctorate of Divinity from ElBon Solutions College of Studies in October 2014.

In II Timothy the second chapter and third verse, Paul charged young Timothy to, “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” Paul knew that as a young man heading a church, Timothy would encounter some turbulent and trying times and he wanted to let him know, that as a soldier in the army of Jesus Christ, this was not unusual and that his endurance would be a testimony to GOD’s selection of him as a leader for HIS church. When I consider the tenure of our Great Pastor, I liken him to young Timothy and know that he has indeed, endured as a GOOD soldier in Jesus Christ.

In his thirtieth year of Pastoring, he has the longest tenure of any Pastor of East Bethel has had and has served this Church faithfully for more than one third of its nineth-forth as a Church.

Dr. Ronald K. Mouton, Sr. has an Explosive delivery style of Preaching and Singing. He has been preaching Spirit-filled sermons for over 27 years and has emerged as one of Houston’s most recognizable Pastors.

His straight forward demeanor may not be always be easy to take, but it leads you to God’s truth and that leads to a better life and relationship with God, and that is his duty.

It is truly a GREAT JOY and HONOR to be able to call him Pastor, Shepherd, Leader and Friend. While we honor him on the First Sunday of every August, and have declared it as  PASTOR MOUTON Month and truly Celebrate the wonderful unique gift GOD has given us.